Wordpress auto-updates

Today there was a major bug (or major inconvenience) in Wordpress’ auto-updating strategy.

Wordpress now updates itself to minor versions. It’s supposed to only do 5.5.1 > 5.5.2 meaning that it is usually bug fixes, and not new features or breaking changes. A developer accidentally pushed to every Wordpress site version WordPress 5.5.3-alpha-49449.

This put a majority of Wordpress users sites on an alpha version, and also automatically installed a plugin, plus 10 themes (twenty-ten to twenty-twenty).


Just wondering if anyone is going to do any communication about this to their DoOO members. or if there is a way to systematically roll back users to 5.5.2.


Installatron actually disables WordPress’s automatic update feature with a wp-config.php flag so that it can handle updates directly in the system (and subsequently take a backup before an update). Because of that I’d expect impact on DoOO (and pretty much all of Reclaim Hosting) to be fairly minimal as it would only have happened to installs that were not done through Installatron which is incredibly small. Hopefully WordPress figures out a way to push a fix for those users, what a nightmare.

Good! I imported my site that I had installed manually from another host into SUNYCreate, so hopefully, that means I am the only one.

Wordpress pushed a new update- 5.5.3 which gets everyone off Alpha. Admins with effected sites will have to manually remove the 10 themes.

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