Wordpress Permalinks

Just wondering if anyone can help me in regards to changing permalinks? They are currently plain old numbers and it was suggested I upgrade them? Just concerned about all my interlinking and whether that would be automagically redirected to the new links or would it mean manually going through all the dead links (which I had to do after I moved from Blogger).

I am almost certain that WordPress will redirect old to new automatically. I would test it out to be sure (you can always go back if that doesn’t happen) but I’m about 95% sure that WordPress will redirect the old number style URLs to their new location without any additional work.

So other than the links littered all over the web, should be all fine. Thank you Tim.

If I understand you . . . it should all be fine.




should both take you to the same post.


Thanks Tom. I ended up diving in and yes you are definitely correct, both links work. So all my old social media and bookmarking links are still ok. I think that I am always haunted from my transition from Blogger which I made uglier than it had to be.