WordPress - should it be under /public_html?


I’ve been playing around with WordPress recently, with a view to it becoming my main #Indieweb presence shortly.

I notice I’ve got two WP installs both called ‘testblog’: one is installed directly under /home and the other is in /home/public_html (where I’d expect it to be). I know that the one directly under /home is the ‘live’ installl I’ve been working on.

My questions are:

  1. Can I just delete the ‘dead’ install without affecting the ‘live’ one?
  2. Are there any security issues in having a website in a place other than under public_html?

Many thanks

Not a problem being outside of public_html at all (in fact to avoid software conflicts I tend to like having things separated like that) and you can definitely delete the one not in use. cPanel used to have everything in public_html by default but in the last year or two they have defaulted for subdomains and addon domains to be at the top level directory.

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That’s great, thanks Tim. Now I can carry on tweaking happily, and then clone it to the right place when I’m ready to go live .