Working with BitNinja

I recently had a BitNinja screen pop up on my computer when I went to login to my site. It asked me if I was a robot and I said, “No” and kept on walking.

Then on that same device I tried to login and I never even get to the login screen. Took too long. Got this message: ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

Then Reclaim post from @laurenhanks came into my feed about BitNinja (surely not chance). I went to comment on the post and find I have the same issue with @laurenhanks blog as I do with mine.

So now I am here, wondering. I can get on other computers/devices. Cleared my cache the other day. Seemed to fix it. Now am wondering if there are gremlin’s in my Mac? Apologies if this is in the wrong section. I am still

We run bitninja on all servers and since Lauren’s blog is hosted on one of them it does sound like you got blocked. We have a way of whitelisting computers by IP address. You would go to and get your IP address and then send it to and we’ll whitelist it so that it won’t get flagged again. Sorry for the troubles! Bitninja does a good job of blocking a lot of malicious activity but occasionally throws false positives like this.

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Thanks @timmmmyboy for your help. Actually worked out the problem was with my VPN. Seems that someone else had been using the same IP for bad. Guess my answer in future is to change locations with my VPN or turn it off while posting.

Another thing to think about. Guess this is what @mburtis was talking about in regards to the learning associated with Domain of One’s Own.