Would Plausible analytics be possible?

I’ve long considered adding analytics to my Reclaim-hosted site. While I’ve read good things about Matomo, I recently learned about Plausible, whose overall approach seems to be what I’d prefer.

At least according to Plausible’s own comparison, it’s both a much smaller script and designed with privacy in mind.

Would it be possible for Reclaim to add it? It requires Docker, so I believe it would require Reclaim Cloud… but beyond that, I know extremely little about Docker or other aspects of self-hosted goodies.

This is a new one to us as well, will confer with @taylorjadin to get a sense how this works and follow-up here once we now more. Thanks for the tip!

I took a quick look at this and got it running. If you want to try running this yourself on Reclaim Cloud, I’d first deploy “Docker Engine CE” from the Marketplace. After that, you’ll want to turn on built-in SSL (using the SSL button at the top left in my screenshot), and add a NGINX load balancer so that it can load over HTTPS. The environment would look something like this:

From there, you’d open up a terminal in the Docker Engine node and follow the instructions on their install page:

As an example, this is how my plausible-conf.env file looks:

Finally, before bringing up the application with docker-compose up -d you’ll want to change the port from 8000 to 80 in the docker-compose.yml file.

It does seem like the environment (including the load balancer so things load over HTTPS) uses 6 cloudlets at idle.

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Thank you so much for your time investigating, making clear documentation of what you tried, and estimating how many cloudlets it would require.

I thoroughly appreciate this!

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