Accessing a database created via phpMyAdmin

So, I’m working with a piece of space tracking software called Suma. I followed their directions in creating a database and then used the provided script to create all the necessary tables, but I’m not sure the right way to refer to my database in the configuration file in Suma. Here’s the section I’m having trouble with. I have put question marks where I provided information I assumed (hoped) would be correct. Did I refer to my database correctly?

host: localhost ??
platform: Pdo_Mysql ?? (already populated)
dbname: grassell_sumatest ??
user: USER
port: 3306

Hey Brandon,

You’ve got localhost right (assuming the software is running on our server, if not let me know) and Pdo_Mysql should be right if they had that in there already. The database name is probably case-sensitive (I’m not 100% sure on that but probably want to be exact there so grassell_SumaTest). Then you need to create a user with a password in cPanel under the MySQL Databases section and assign it to the database with full permissions. It looks like you’ve done that with 2 different users, grassell_sladmin and grassell_slweb. That should be all you need to do.

Hi, thanks for the advice. I did provide a username and password, but I didn’t realize I needed the grassell_ prior to the username as well. Maybe that’s what was missing.