Addon Domain not secure

Hello, I recently added two addon domains to my account and neither one is secure and I am unsure how to change this. Under Domains the option to redirect to HTTPS isn’t there and instead the question mark pop-up says that the addon domains should inherit their HTTPS redirect from their associated subdomain. I’m not sure what this associated subdomain is or how to make it have an HTTPS redirect… I do have the main domain and all its subdomains set to redirect to HTTPS. Can someone help me fix this?

Thank you.

I’ve found the CPanel option hit or miss. I would recommend adding .htaccess rules for redirects for any site you want to force https on. We have that documented at

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Thank you! I actually had found that page when I was trying to find answers and have it open still. I’ll go ahead and do that. I did get it resolved by emailing customer support, but it would make sense to do what you suggested too.

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