Anyone Tried Installing Snipe-IT?

I’m wondering if anyone has experimented with installing Snipe-IT ( on Reclaim.

Is it even possible? Requirements are: Requirements

Hi there! I haven’t heard of anyone using Snipe-IT on Reclaim right now, I just checked our the php extensions based on the requirements, unfortunately we don’t currently have all requirements met. If you think there are some that we could install feel free to submit a ticket to and we’ll be happy to take a look!

@mfierro - thanks much for the response. Is there a list somewhere of currently installed PHP extensions?

There is! You can run the following command when logged into your account via SSH

php -r "print_r(get_loaded_extensions());"

This will give you a list of all extension installed on the server for the specific version of PHP you’re running.

thanks much, I appreciate it