Are we SOL or is There a New Hope?

My colleagues started a Weebly website a year ago (before I started my own Reclaim-supported site) and are now looking to purchase a domain to move off of Given my positive experience here & the cost quoted by Weebly, I was wondering if we could shift the site over here. I’m guessing we’re shit out of luck unless we wanted to rebuild it, but I figured I’d check to see if we had the option.

Unfortunately while it is possible to buy a domain with us and map it to Weebly, their system is proprietary so you’re either exporting as HTML static copy and uploading to us or rebuilding if you want to host the site through us as well. It’s not possible to use Weebly’s CMS within cPanel. Most folks choose to rebuild in WordPress when making such a switch.

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I have not used this but I saw a Weebly to Wordpress import script here: Weebly to WordPress: Ultimate Migration Guide (2021)

This might help

Thanks, @timmmmyboy, @geoffcain & @PatPgogy for your insights. Due to the initial time constraints, my colleague opted to keep it on Weebly. As I get better with my domain work, I’ll trial moving it over to work out the bugs with the goal of eventually getting in on Reclaim.

I appreciate the resources!