Bootstrap Application and CMS

Apologies in advance if this question is out of scope of this community support forum.

I want to integrate a bootstrap admin application with my current CMS (Wordpress), but I’m not fully understanding

  1. How to properly add the application via Reclaim;
  2. How to “integrate” the application with my CMS.

I don’t necessarily need it to replace my native CMS dashboard, but want to somehow associate it with my domain (i.e., public facing; ideally, tied to my user authentication of CMS to control access).

I saw an article on node.js application via Reclaim, but it’s apparent I’m lacking in some base understanding of what that requires (I keep erroring on file association and something to do with memory).

Again, not sure if this is the appropriate space for this question, but I’d be grateful for any advice or resources here.


Hi there,

Apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but we’re currently digging through forum posts to ensure that we answer as many questions as we can even if only to have the information publicly available for the future.

For installing a NodeJS application, you may want to check out the article that goes over installing Ghost on a Reclaim Hosting account; although this probably isn’t the same NodeJS application you are looking to use, it can provide some guidance in what it takes to install one. You can reach out with any other questions to

Since WordPress and the Bootstrap application would be two separate applications, outside of developing a custom plugin, there wouldn’t be a way to integrate the two outside of linking to one another. As for sharing user authentication between the two, without some kind of Single Sign On, you wouldn’t be able to do this either. Apologies for any inconvenience.