Bumping PHP Execution Time

Wordpress sites that have been around a while build up a lot of database cruft. I’m trying out the WP-Sweep plugin WP-Sweep – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org that let’s me selectively clear out things like post revisions and unused post, comment, taxonomy meta.

A problem I seem to be having on cogdogblog.com is when the cruft is piled high:

which never seems to finish “sweeping”. The developer (who unlike many plugin authors, is active in his support forum) suggests increasing the php setting for max execution time, that the process is timing out.

I am in my cpanel MultiPHP INI Editor for this domain and have tried values of max_execution_time of 300, now 600:

But still the script seems to be not finishing.

So am I changing this setting really in MultiPHP INI Editor? Did I need to I always thought changes in PHP.ini needed a process restart. I’d really like to finish my sweeping, the values that it has cleared put seem to (maybe wishful thinking) have sped things up somewhat.

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Hey Alan,

The values in the cPanel wide Max Execution time for the various PHP versions were all over the place. As an experiment I pushed everything from PHP 5.6 through 7.1 to 300. Try that and see if it makes a difference now. If that doesn’t work let me know. I can see if 600 is too crazy. Also, when this is done I’ll revert it to 120, so just let me know here.

Big fan,

Thanks, the script has been running for 10 minutes and is not finishing. I’m in deeper than I should be, thanks for the trip. I thought the MultiPHP settings in cpanel would let me override the defaults (which came in as 90 there).

Thanks for trying. I was hoping this plugin might be a big enough broom for ds106!

Bigger Fan,

Did it fail? Do you need 600? As far as the MultiPHP, I am wondering if certain settings are overridden by the root server values. It would make sense that execution time might be one of those given it can create issues server-wide. We also have CloudLinux on the server, so that might be creating a ceiling you are hitting. Let me know and we can test without CloudLinux and a bit more execution time.

It did not finish. This is not urgent so can wait.

OK, will revert it back to 120, but let me know if you want to try this at 600 or so.

You rock. I’m waiting to hear from the plugin developer of he has a suggestion for a setting.

I’ve thought too of downloading the database to my an install on my local Varying Vagrant Vagrants, maybe pointing the domain in my hosts file to local, and see if I can run the scripts.

That’s not a bad idea, and it gets my ass off the hook. I LOVE IT!