Can I Migrate Main WordPress Installation to ReclaimHosting?

I have registered a hosting account with our local hosting provider but we’re having a very bad business with them because most of our sites especially our main WordPress site ( go offline mostly in the night (every night) and I get notified by JetPack plugin which I have installed and activated its uptime monitoring feature which notifies me every time my site goes offline.

So I have decided to migrate my main site to a new & reliable hosting company and we found ReclaimHosting to be the best according to our coworker. But the issue is that I have 3 different directories/WordPress installations on the same domain name but I want only to migrate my main site & not the directories to a new Web Hosting company.

The reason why we consider just transferring/migrating our main site is because first, it’s our main site/business and the second thing is we don’t much care of the other directories uptime so if this is not possible to migrate only the homepage of our site then we’d love to be guided that how we can migrate all of these directories including the main site/WordPress installation to a single hosting account on ReclaimHosting.

Hi there,
These are great questions! First, I’ll start out with Jetpack. While Jetpack is super handy for tracking statistics for WordPress sites for things like visitors and comments, their uptime monitoring service can send a lot of false positives. A good way to test if your site is down is to compare the notifications from Jetpack with the status updates of your current hosting company. We definitely recommend using another service like UpTimeRobot or Pingdom to track the uptime of your site. We’ve had a lot of success with UpTimeRobot and use it regularly with our servers at Reclaim Hosting.

Second, it’s absolutely possible to migrate a specific WordPress site! Are the other sites on the existing hosting account subdomains or subdirectories? The way the account is set up will determine how much you’ll need to move over to Reclaim. If you’re using subdirectories, you’ll need to move all sites over to Reclaim. There’s no way we can point specific directories to a different server. If using subdomains, you can move over the main domain, and we can point DNS back to the other server for all other WordPress sites.

In terms of the process, there are several plugins you can use to migrate a WordPress site to another location. We use UpDraftPlus when migrating sites. We also offer a Migration Assistance service that starts at $25 per site.

I hope this points you in the right direction! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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