Can I point a subdomain to an app running on an AWS EC2 instance?

I want to host a node program from, but the minimum node version required by n8n is 10. I figured I’d try to host on AWS since I have some free compute time over there, and use my Reclaim domain to point to it. Unfortunately, I’m (a fast-learning) beginner when it comes to web hosting, DNS, etc. How would I go about setting up for this purpose?

You can try setting up an A Record to point to the IP of the AWS instance. Just log in to your cPanel, and find Zone Editor under Domains. Once you’re there, you should be able to see +A Record next to your domain. Just fill out the popup box with the subdomain you want to use and the IP of your AWS instance, then hit Add An A Record. As long as you keep your AWS instance up and running, your IP should remain the same, and your A Record should keep working.