Can I SSH using an FTP account?

I have created several FTP accounts in the CPanel and they work fine for FTP. However, I would like to use these accounts for SSH. Is that possible? So far, I have not been able to SSH using the FTP accounts.

Note, this is not my main account, but account usernames and passwords I have created for FTP. The reason I want to use these accounts is because I want to restrict access to certain directories.

If the FTP accounts are not the correct way to do this, is there another way to create sub-accounts for SSH access and restrict access to certain directories?

Unfortunately what you’re experiencing is expected, this is a limitation of cPanel. Only the primary account is enabled for SSH. All additional FTP accounts are limited to just FTP access.

Thanks for the quick response. Let me describe what I’m trying to do, and maybe you can help me figure out another way to do it.

I’m teaching a computer science class this fall. I have six teams of four students. Each team needs to be able to log into Reclaim Hosting and have a separate directory structure to work in. They will be developing PHP and HTML and need access to their own team databases.

My university has single sign-on with Reclaim Hosting, and they tell me there is no way to create a “group” account for four students.

So, I thought I could do this by creating four FTP accounts under my main account, but evidently that is not going to work.

Should I pay for, and create six new Reclaim Hosting “Student /Individual” accounts? One for each team? (This would be outside the university single sign-on.) Is there a better way to do this?