Can I use one domain in the sign up process, but then make another domain (registered externally) my primary one later

Hi there.

I have a primary domain that I have registered for 10 years at namecheap. I want to take advantage of the domain registration I receive on signing up, however, I would like to make this a subdomain, rather than the primary domain name.

Will this be easy enough to do after I have signed up and added my other domains to the account?

Thank you.


Hi Jess,

Unfortunately the free domain registration can only currently be used in connection with the primary domain on an account. It can be a new registration or transferred in from another provider, but it cannot be an additional domain added as an addon domain due to it only being free as part of the signup process. Our billing system has had issues in the past with either charging too much on renewals or not charging properly at all when we’ve tried to break the domain out separately as a free entity not attached to hosting so this is a hard line we draw now. That being said the whole primary domain versus addon domain thing is mostly just an aesthetic choice and legacy thing in cPanel, all domains in your hosting account function separately in there so it doesn’t really matter which one is the primary in that scenario.

Thanks Tim. Is it a single year you get free, or does it continue to be included in subsequent years of hosting upon renewal?

I’m not sure how long I’m going to keep this particular sub domain that’s all, so I might find an alternative domain to use.



Both the the initial registration/transfer cost as well as the renewal is free with the purchase/renewal of a hosting account.

> Please Note: On Jan 1, 2021 all Shared Hosting plans will no longer include a domain. All domains will be charged separately at $15 per year.