Can't seem to manage both of my domains

I am probably missing something obvious here, but I am at a loss. I want to start using my second domain in Reclaim hosting but it does not show up under Lets Encrypt SSL, Subdomains drop-down list or the list of domains I can install WordPress on. My client area shows two active domains. I have poked around and can’t find how to access it.

While your primary domain is setup automatically in cPanel, any additional domains you purchase need to be added to cPanel as Addon Domains. We have that documented at and once the domain is added to cPanel it is available throughout to install SSL certificates and WordPress or any other feature of cPanel. Let me know if that helps!

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Perfect! Wow, that was a quick reply. It worked. Thank you so much.

I added my second domain as an Addon Domain and cPanel created a folder inside /public_html. However, when I try to open the second domain, it opens my main website that has its root directly in /public_html. What should I do in this case?

Usually Panel will add the Addon domain in the home directory, but even if it is in the public_html folder it should resolve to the new domain rather than defaulting to your primary domain. Can you let me know what domain this is for? And if you are not comfortable publishing that here, send it to if you are hosting it on Reclaim.