Choosing an app for my site

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to create a personal/professional site that aggregates my content from various sources, including Blogger, Wordpress, and Flickr (1000+ images of artwork).

I’m trying to choose which app to install to accomplish this. I’d like my site to include the large gallery, writing samples, a blog, as well as standard “info” pages. I have enough experience with HTML sites and various CMS (end user) that I’m not completely intimidated, but I am overwhelmed with the choices. At least to start, the focus of the site will be the artwork. This fall, I will begin to post daily writing/art challenge results.

Based on what I’ve read on the site, I’m leaning towards Omeka. I need something without too steep a learning curve, as I’d like to have my content uploaded and ready for launch by August 1st.

Any advice?

Thank you,

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Your project sounds awesome. Omeka may be perfect, or it might not be the best fit. But please install it on a test subdomain and kick the tires. In my experience, Omeka is best-suited for digital collections that need a lot of description of objects and careful curation. I like to think of Omeka as your own digital display or digital installation like you might find in a museum or library. If you might want to use the dublin core metadata schema to describe stuff within your content management app, then Omeka is great. If that is too much overhead, I don’t see much value to Omeka over a Wordpress site with some thoughtfully selected plugins installed.

There are also some cool apps under the ‘All Applications’ icon worth trying out. Scroll down to the Photos and Files section and check out Zen Photo and Koken. Maybe working across Wordpress and a content manager designed especially for digital photos might work for you? Both Zen Photo and Koken allow for some rich description, but don’t force the Dublin Core field entry on a project.

Again, the great thing about a domain is you can test things out. I like to create a subdomain called ‘test’ and install stuff there. If I like it, it’s super easy to clone what I have onto a new subdomain (maybe something like art.mydomain.example). If I don’t like it, I can uninstall that app and keep looking.

Good luck! Hope this is helpful.

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply! I probably don’t want to add Dublin Core metadata to 1000+ collage images (eek), BUT I may want to do that for an archive project I’m building on another domain. This is helpful!