Convert existing domain to .org

Hello, I’ve a domain with Reclaim that I’m not using and I was hoping to change it to an .org for a site I also have that is registered with Reclaim as a .com. How would I go about doing this?

Hi Jennifer,

Although you can’t “exchange” domain names, you could register the .org domain and add it to your existing account as an alias domain so it points to the same site as the .com, or, you can request that we switch out your primary domain name from the .com to the .org.

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Hi Chris! Thanks for your quick reply! I think, if it is easiest to switch out the domain name to .org that would be best. Should I do that through a ticket inquiry on the site itself then?


Hi Jen,

This is something we have to do on our end, so you’ll need to do it through a ticket. I did see that you submitted a ticket with this question a little while ago, so feel free to reply there once you’ve purchased the .org domain.

Hi Chris,
Great! And just to make sure I get it right, I need to buy the domain from, say, Godaddy or any of those, ie. Reclaim doesn’t have it’s own domains to purchase.

Hi Jen,

You can buy a new domain name directly from us through your client portal by going to Domains>Register a New Domain:


But if you do decide to purchase a domain through somewhere like GoDaddy or Namecheap, you can just point the domain to us by changing it’s nameservers.

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Thanks for your help here Chris!!! Much appreciated!!!