Convert top-level domain to subdomain

I’ve decided to switch from Wordpress to Grav, but I’d like to keep the older Wordpress blog available. Right now, my Wordpress blog is myname-dot-net and my Grav subdomain is new-dot-myname-dot-net.

What’s the cleanest way to switch the top-level domain to a subdomain, such that new-dot-myname-dot-net becomes myname-dot-net, and the old becomes I’ve been considering setting up a bunch of redirects, but that seems like a temporary fix.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there-- this is a great question! Our applications installer, Installatron has a feature that allows you to move one installation to a new location. They call it cloning. What I would do in this case, is create the WordPress subdomain,, then clone your original site on to

Once that’s done, you’ll uninstall the WordPress on and repeat the process with the Grav install. You’ll want to clone to

We have the process for cloning and uninstalling documented on this forum as well.

Take a look through those guides and let me know if you have any other questions!