CSS Styling Question

I have a WP install on my site and I’m trying to create a style that will allow me to specify particular attributes for a block of text. I figure using CSS is the way to do this. I’m not, however, manipulating the CSS file on my server, I’m just using the “Additional CSS” tool in WordPress dashboard.

I want to make it so that bibliographies on our site have the following attributes:
line-height: 1.5; margin-bottom: 10px;

To do this, I wrote the following CSS into my “Additional CSS” tool in the dashboard to create a class “bib”:
.bib { line-height: 1.5; margin-bottom: 10px; }

Then in the text editor window for the bibliography section, I began with <div class="bib"> and ended it with a </div>.

This successfully changed the line height to 1.5, but the margin-bottom is still at 20px, the default value inherited from .post-content p {}. I don’t want to change the entire post-content p value because for most parts of the site, I do want that default value, it’s just for the bibliographies that I want less bottom margin.

Here’s the page in question: https://ecomusicology.info/music-climate-and-therapy-in-kallawaya-cosmology-part-1/. The bibliography section is at the very bottom.

Any thoughts? Am I going about this wrong (inline div class changes) and is there a better, more efficient solution? Thanks!

I think you want to set the p styles of the div with class bib. So that would be
.bib p {line-height: 1.5; margin-bottom: 10px;}

You did change the div with class bib to have a 10px margin on the bottom but you’ve got a bunch of paragraphs in that div that need to change instead.

That did it, thanks @bionicteaching! Still a novice when playing around with CSS so I’m thankful for the help w easy questions!