Curatescape and Omeka

I apologize. I created my Curatescape site that is based on Omeka last July. I had a great handle on it (or so I thought). It is now time to have my students add stories, but I see an Omeka update. Do I update through Reclaim interface, Curatescape, or Omeka? Possibly a simpler quetion, how do I tell which versions I currently have installed?

The latest version Installatron has packaged is 2.5 which may be why you’re getting a prompt since 2.5.1 is out. I’ll ping them to ask if they have plans for an update. You can see what version you’re running by clicking All Applications in cPanel

By default Installatron attempts automatic updates for you so nothing you need to do on your part. Hopefully they’ll push out 2.5.1 soon (I’m guessing they didn’t know it was out).

As an update here Installatron has confirmed with me that they are going to push out 2.5.1 likely by the end of this week.

Thanks for the update