Delay or Non Delivery of Email Forwarding Addresses

I like using forwarding email addresses for all my domain projects, but I find that receipt, especially for new ones, is rather unpredictable.

I made one to use for a domain where I am setting up a new twitter account. I have twice triggered the email confirmation from twitter, and have yet to see the message forwarded. I did try a test message from another account, and it took almost 35 minutes to show up.

I have checked the forwarder for typos and did a trace test. All is green.

Just curious if there anything else that causes delays- or is it twitter?

The first thing that comes to mind is that if the account is sending a lot of mail then things start to get queued up. We only allow 25 emails per hour by default (we will by request adjust this setting if we can confirm legitimate email sends, it’s mostly a prevention measure for the server being used for spam). You may want to use the Track Delivery feature to see if there are any issues there. It will show both successes as well as deferred which it sounds like may be the case here if the emails aren’t coming through immediately. For more detailed troubleshooting a ticket would be best to get to the root cause because a forwarder should at most take 1-2 minutes to deliver.

Thanks, its not terribly important. I got around it for now by setting up a POP mailbox for the emails from twitter, and accessing via web mail which came in immediately. It might be some delay on twitter queuing mail too.