Directory privacy

I created an authorized user and password to set permission for a directory on Directory Privacy, but the login doesn’t seem to work. The user appears in the Authorized Users box. Is there anything else I need to set for the login to work? Please help!

The way directory privacy works you have to do two steps:

  1. Create a user account that has access
  2. Choose the folder that is to be protected

Did you perhaps not do the second part? Their interface isn’t very straightforward for this feature of cPanel but they have some documentation at Directory Privacy - Version 84 Documentation - cPanel Documentation. When you say it doesn’t work what is it doing?

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I did

  1. choose the folder that is to be protected
  2. created a user on Directory Privacy page.

The pop-up login box re-appears over-and-over after entering the login info.

We’d be happy to take a closer look at the account, please open a support ticket and we’ll investigate further.

Hi Tim,

Can you please remind me where I can open a ticket? Thanks.

You can email which will automatically generate a ticket.