Does updating an installatron app by hand interfere with later updates?

If I manually update—at the command line, etc—an application originally installed using Installatron, will I be able to install later updates using Installatron?

As long as you still have automatic updates still enabled (you can find this in: cPanel > MyApps > the wrench icon on the correlating installatron install > overview) you’ll be good to manually update!

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I can confirm this works as advertised. I’m not sure exactly if Installatron checks anything like a version number, my hunch is when its kicked into gear, it overwrites theme files to its most current version (or adds new ones if not there).

For origin themes, there is a trick you can do to prevent automatic updates-- if you edit styles.css and change the version number to a ridiculously high number (like 100.0) it will not update.

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That’s really good to know! In this case, I am updating my YOURLs installation but didn’t want to lose the ability to have Installatron update things when it catches up (it can take sooo looong for some apps to get updates).