Easiest way to update a batch set of Root files?

I’d like to try to make it easier for folks who install the standard Grav installer to take advantage pre-built Grav Skeletons - is there a recommended technique to update a batch set of Root files? For example, with a standard Grav install I’d like to replace the default Pages folder with one with pre-configured for a Grav Skeleton etc.

Thanks for any info!

Easiest for that is probably going to be FTP for that. SFTP works out of the box though you’ll need to setup an SSH key (once you set it up once you’ll have access to use it with any container):

For regular FTP you can install the FTP addon to the container:

Here’s more info on that addon FTP/FTPS Support | Virtuozzo Dev Docs. One thing I did find with the FTP addon is that it has to have a public IP address which then removes the ability to use the shared SSL certificate but you can also add the Let’s Encrypt addon to fix that up.

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That’s really helpful @timmmmyboy, thank you!

A quick update @timmmmyboy which might help others in similar situations: I’ve discovered that after a Grav Marketplace install (thanks again!) where you do the needed PHP config I can then delete that original ROOT, create a new ROOT, and then deploy a Grav Skeleton ZIP that the new Grav Skeleton is ready to go :slightly_smiling_face:

This sounds similar to uploading an archive using the deployment manager which would work, only reason I didn’t suggest it was wouldn’t that nuke the user folder that had login stuff for the admin panel?

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Ah yes, the above approach completely replaces the existing Grav install (including Admin account) but in this case it is the cleanest way to install the chosen Grav Skeleton. Using the FTP approach would work best for replacing the Pages folder with a Skeleton’s Pages folder etc.

Here is a little video of the process:
2020-07-20_13-12-34 (1)