FTP Addon for Apache Layer in Envrionment

I’m testing out manually installing Omeka to the Cloud and I’m stuck on finding how to add the FTP addon (In my head this is an easy way to approach it, but I should learn how to add an SSH key to use the SSH/SFTP Gate). I was following along with another post-- Easiest way to update a batch set of Root files, but I can’t see the FTP addon within my Apache layer of the environment:

Is File Synchronization the same thing? Or am I looking in the wrong place?

I’m not seeing it either and you’re looking in the right spot. I know the FTP addon doesn’t support Docker containers but it definitely supports Application and Database nodes. Let me reach out to our upstream provider to see if there’s a bug of some kind.

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Should be back in the interface now. Thanks for finding the bug!

Disco! Thank you! will get back to exploring now :metal: