Email forwarding not working

I set up a few new email accounts (one for each employee, and one for Sales). I am trying to get the emails received by the Sales account to forward to a few employees for their ability to review and answer those emails. However, the emails are only being forwarded to one account (I see the Test messages making it to the Sales account and in one of the forwarded accounts, but they are not seen in the the other account they are forwarded to).

So is it possible to froward to more than one account, or am I restricted to only forwarding to a single account?

In addition, the messages that are being forwarded do not get received by outside mail programs (Mail on my Mac or iPhone). The forwarded email shows in the Roundcube webmail listing, but is not seen anywhere else.



Multiple forwarders for the same email address should work, and since it is forwarding to at least one address there may be something else at play here. Don’t hesitate to send a support ticket to if you would like us to look into this further.

Hi there,

I’m just bumping this thread here to see if you were able to find a solution for this issue, or if it’s persisted for a while and you still require assistance. Please let me know!