Email Notifications for Installatron Backup Failures

I’m getting email notifications of Installatron automatic backups failing for a second consecutive Omeka S install. Since I didn’t set the db credentials (least I don’t think I did), I don’t know why they are fail, and I don’t see where to fix them. I can get to and manipulate the db in phpMyAdmin, so i’m suspicious this has something to do with Installatron. On the other hand, my WordPress as installed by Installatron seems to back up OK when I make it happen via cPanel, so maybe it’s not Installatron.

Do I need to create a separate account with all privileges on the Omeka S db and use the creds in Installatron? That seems weird, as Installatron was able to create the new db jnstance for Omeka S.

Or is there another set of credentials I should be feeding Installatron?

We’ve seen on some of our custom installers Installatron will for some unknown reason add a database prefix to its settings that doesn’t exist (which is why the error is seen more on our custom installers like Omeka S and not WordPress). Typically the fix is to edit the Installatron settings and remove the database prefix if one doesn’t exist in the database itself.

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Seems to have done the trick to strip the superfluous table prefix. TX!