Embed Code Generation? Moodle and WP need a marriage!

Hello everyone!

I am trying to embed pages from my WP website into my Moodle assignment description (version 3.5). Our tech support says I need an embed code. Does anyone know of a good plugin for that? I have tried searching but haven’t found one that works yet.


Laura Killam

Website (for reference if needed): http://nursekillam.com/bsn4416/

According to Embedding External Websites into Moodle | Tournas Dimitrios you should only need the URL itself rather than any code (though that site is a bit old so not sure if things have changed in Moodle or if there are restrictions in place on what you can and can’t do). Can’t think of any reason that shouldn’t work with WordPress or any other site. I will note you may want to use the https version of your URL since often embedding in the LMS will require that.

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I made a plugin the other day that puts iframe embed codes for each page/post on the front-end. The embed codes are only visible to editor or greater. It’ll auto set the height and 100% width.

The embed option is just adding a link and won’t do it inline but on a separate page.

I can’t see much oembed in moodle but there is an oembed filter plugin. Failing that iftame. Assumimg your install allows it.

Failing that a custom filter plugin will do it

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Thank you for the advice here. The embedding isn’t working inside Moodle yet. It shows a blank box.

I will try generating my own using the plugin mentioned but I have no clue what I am doing with it. I installed it and activated it … and looked for instructions. The “plug in site” link brings me to your profile woodwardtw (Tom Woodward) · GitHub

I see the embed code on my website, but when I put it inside Moodle I get a blank box. It must be a Moodle issue.

Marriage is not needed. Much is going to depend (I think) on the way your Moodle site is set up; it may need a plugin of its own to do this.

iframes are likely your best friend; but you ought to test if say a YouTube Embed iframe works.

If you want to iframe content, the source site- your blog-- needs to be SSL enabled, which it is not. You cannot iframe not https sites.

It would help if you enabled Developer Tools in your browser; here is how to do it with Chrome. I bet there is an error message in the console.

And yes, as per your tweet, this is pretty far to what we can cover in Domain Camp; its more ideal for asking here as you have done.

@cogdog I don’t think the link in your message got added.

I can embed a Google calendar using their embed code. I have also successfully embedded a YouTube video.

We tried the copy/paste of a Google search page and that didn’t work.

I am good friends with our Moodle team so if I can find the problem I can get help fixing it. Thanks for the input here!



Certainly an iframe will not work if your site is not https

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@bionicteaching I had to deactivate the plugin because it made all the text on my website disappear.

I am going to try adding an SSL Certificate to the website as advised by @cogdog … after sushi …

huh . . . not sure about why that would happen. I’ve run it on a couple different sites/setups with no issues. If you end up needing/wanting it let me know and I can take a closer look.

In any case, @cogdog is correct that you’ll be out of luck if you don’t have https for an https embed.

@NurseKillam Your site probably has an SSL cert, but it may not be forced. Have you tried just adding https in the URL instead of http? We have a decent guide I wrote recently about the whole process at https://forums.reclaimhosting.com/t/why-does-my-site-say-not-secure/1764 that may help if you do want to make sure all URLs redirect to https automatically.

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@NurseKillam I just did a quick test of Tom’s plugin in the same theme (Baskerville) and it is working as expected:


and embedded it here


Possible the plugin was not installed correctly? Just wild guessing.

And @timmmmyboy I have been suggesting via this Activity to use the Force HTTPs plugin which fixes links and handles the htaccess


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