Error When Installing Applications Through Installatron

If you attempt to install an application onto a subdomain the installation will fail with the following error…

! PHP for the selected domain has failed.

Installatron is unable to install to a domain where PHP is not working.

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Error code: 1; HTTP code: 500

What does this mean?

Generally when an application is already installed in the main directory, it causes conflicts with other application installations. (i.e. WordPress on subdomains.)

The Fix

Add a file called .htaccess inside the directory you’re working in. In the .htaccess file, put the following on a separate line…

RewriteEngine On

Finding .htaccess

Typically .htaccess is a hidden file in cPanel File Manager by default. To view hidden files, click Settings on the top right in File Manager, check Show Hidden Files, click Save.

Now try reinstalling the application on the subdomain like normal.

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