File Manager WP Plugin

One of the hurdles in helping people/clients with custom themes or plugins is that after uploading once a ZIP, there’s no easy easy to replace with newer versions. Setting up ftp is cumbersome for many and I will never admit I do edits with the Theme/plugin editor. Nope.

On another project outside my domains, a new WP site was set up with this plugin

that makes it easy for me to update theme/plugin code in an ftp-like interface.

Pretty sure there is an update from github plugin - - lots of options

We use WP Pusher for plugins/themes on Github. Not sure if that’s a newbie-level thing or not but it’s handy. Since all our stuff is in the open the free version is all we need.

I agree that WP Pusher is such the right way to go for Github hosted themes/plugins. I tried to “push” it for SPLOTs but not sure it gets much traction. I am planning on making that the suggested way of installing.

But I am thinking more of people doing some of their first work. Because WordPress does not allow uploads of updated themes/plugins, I suspect most people never update ones that are not in the repository. I doubt many people even have or know how to use FTP clients (I still use Fetch, the first one ever tried) and the setup is always non trivial for getting credentials. So this seemed a nice way for people to be able to do some level of minor uploads to a site. Maybe not.

I agree with you. I was just trying to provide a more specific choice based on @PatPgogy’s comment.

So you need a plugin to over write on uploads?

Nope. I use and recommend

Still, I see in SPLOTting that very few people, if ever, update.

I just thought this File Manager plugin is useful where you want to give or use a means up uploading and not deal with ftp.