FromThePage installation (Ruby on Rails, Ruby Gems, Git)

I am looking for some guidance. I want to install the application “From the page” I don’t know if it is possible. So before I start mucking about over my head I thought I should check with you.

Its code for FromThePage is on github. GitHub - benwbrum/fromthepage: FromThePage is a wiki-like application for crowdsourcing transcription of handwritten documents..

It requires Ruby, RubyGems, Bundler, ImageMagick, MySQL and Git.

I know Ruby is on Installatron. And ImageMagick and MySQL I use already in Omeka. I’m not sure about RubyGems, Bundler and Git.

Do you know if it is possible to install these on my site? I realize that is an open-ended question. But perhaps you know already that these programs are capable of being installed. Or that they require permissions to be set that I don’t have access to, etc.

Any info, thoughts, help you could give would be very appreciated.

Thank You,
Michael Bannister

Hey Michael,

I don’t have any experience with this and haven’t heard of anyone running it so I don’t know for certain it’s compatible or how easy it might be to get going. Only thing I would mention is that it looks like a somewhat similar technology setup to Jekyll and I did write a guide on getting that going here

You might try following a similar process to get this installed, but I’ll caution that Ruby gets complicated quick and our support is very limited on custom applications like this.