FTP Account for Add On Domain

I manage a site with 3 hosted domains; I’ve been asked to add FTP access to one of them. I seem to recall one time creating an ftp account and setting the home directory to the site, and it wiped everything out.

How to I create an FTP account where I can give it access to modify the web content directory?

When you add an FTP account (Files > FTP Account) you can specify the directory root that the account has access to. It will definitely not delete any files. The process of specifying a directory can be confusing because cPanel will default to filling out the field with a directory that doesn’t exist (so when you login it can look like it’s empty) but you can definitely specify your own, so for example when you set the directory root for an FTP account as public_html/newfolder the user can only access that one folder on the server and they cannot navigate up to other folders on the server.

Okay that did work. I recall one time I did something like that to Ken Bauer’s class domain, but maybe I mixed up my tech faux pas.