General package management

I see from a ‘which git’ inquiry at the command prompt that git is installed at /usr/bin/git. Is this something that is standard for all Reclaim domains? In other words, if I were to create a Reclaim/DoOO guide for using git from the shell, is it safe to presume that git is pre-installed and available to all, even beyond my institution?

Also, I’ve seen on some personal blogs (@timmmmyboy, @acroom – great stuff!) tips for use of gem for package management, etc. Aside from installing Ruby, is there a preferred command line package manager standard to our Linux distro?

Most importantly, if I’ve overlooked some guidance that’s already been put together, where should I have looked? I tried to search thoroughly before posting here but I may have missed it.

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git is definitely a part of our standard across all servers so safe to assume it is installed and available to all. Whether SSH access is enabled for accounts is up to each institution. Some do and some don’t. Our shared hosting servers SSH is default enabled so no problem there.

Shared hosting by its very nature isn’t going to have access to package management at the server level using something like yum (cPanel is CentOS only so that’s the distro on all servers). The references to ruby and python would be the CloudLinux selector that allows for virtual environments but that’s notably not a standard on DoOO servers as CL is licensed with additional fees (it is a standard on our shared hosting). Best assumption is that the user has no ability to install new packages except for whats available to them already or by special request (I’ve gone in and installed things serverwide before like Drush for example, as long as no major conflict or a problematic binary I have no issue with stuff like that)