Hosting Location

Quick question: what’s the default hosting location for Reclaim? And if I wanted my blogs hosted in the EEA is this a possibility?


Most of our servers are in the US but we do have one in Frankfurt, Germany now and we’re happy to move customers to it via support request. More info:

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Ooh - lovely. Thanks for coming back to me so quickly too.

How do I send such a support request? Via something in CPanel?

Thanks again!

You can email or within cPanel or our client area at you’ll see the support option in the lower-righthand corner.

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Great to hear there’s one in Germany! A couple of provinces in Canada require servers in Canada for anything that is going to have student identifying info, so it might help some Canadian users if there were a Canadian server. But I know it’s not easy! Just a thought for the future, someday.

We use Digital Ocean for the majority of our infrastructure and they will be bringing block storage to their Toronto datacenter later this year so it’s next on the list as soon as they do!