Hosting with Webflow broke my email!

I just published my website with Webflow and changed the necessary @ (A records) and CNAME records but after doing so I am no longer receiving any emails at my domain. My emails are hosted via the cPanel.

My MX records were untouched. Reclaim hosting recently swapped the IMAP and SMTP servers from to

How can I get my emails back and working again while hosting the website through a 3rd party in cPanel? What DNS settings do I need to change to get email working again? I’m not a master at DNS stuff, but I know my way around. Just looking for a way to hosting using Webflow but still do emails using my cPanel service.



I’m happy to take a look at your DNS records and make the necessary changes for mail to work correctly when your site is pointed elsewhere. Could you please provide your domain or if you don’t want to post it here, send an e-mail to with the information.

Thank you!

Gordon Hawley
Customer Support Specialist

I think I have sorted it out. (Possibly).
My MX record was pointed to mail . domain . com and mail . domain . com was pointed to domain . com.

Because domain . com is now pointed to the new A records that Webflow requested my MX records were sending the emails to Webflow’s web hosting address.

I have now pointed mail . domain . com to the cPanel’s IP address so that the mx record is pointed to a web address that points to the cPanel. I’m going to test the email’s out for a bit here and make sure they’re working.

Everything looks to be working. I’ll be testing over the next 3 hours and making sure I can still publish site changes via Webflow over the next 3 hours.

Thank you!

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