How can I empty my trash and make it stick?

Hi, I’ve exceeded my disk quota, which I think I can resolve by emptying my trash in File Manager. At the moment I can’t do that because I’ve exceeded my quota, but even when I was below when I cleared trash (even ‘permanently’) it reappeared again.
Please can someone advise what I need to do to empty my trash for good? Many thanks

Hi Rob,

I just checked and your trash was empty, but the account was over as you said. I raised the quota temporarily so you can take a look and see if there is anything to clean out. As far as this issue, I have not seen it before but if it recurs let us know.

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Great thanks, I’ve just cleared some stuff out of trash now, so hope that does the trick.

I can clear the trash, but there is still lots of stuff in public_html/.trash that I can’t delete.

I select all, delete it permanently, it disappears, but as soon as I click reload to refresh everything is still there.

I went ahead and removed that folder for you. It may be that File Manager was having issues with a hidden folder like that. I really like using ncdu when logged in by ssh. You can even run it from the terminal that cPanel has built in now and it shows you a reverse list of files/folders by size and you can go into folders to see where space is being used. Other than the large backup file in your home folder that public_html/.trash folder was the biggest so with that clear you should be good.

Thanks Tim. I’ll remember that tip.