How to host FLOSS?


I want to host some FLOSS software I’ve written, in case anyone else wants to use it. I could just put up a tarball on my Reclaim site, but I was thinking that more people know git. But I’m not going to feed MicroSoft’s github, so I wonder what other folks do. …Another git server already on the 'net? Install git on your Reclaim site (I see there’s something related to git in the Installotron, but it’s not what I want, I think…)


So you could definitely use something like GitLab or the many other Github alternatives. You can actually host your own GitLab on Reclaim Cloud if you prefer that route.

Finally if your needs are simple, you can host git repositories in cPanel accounts, but it’s not really going to have the nice public web interface that Github and Gitlab provide: