How to host Google Domains URL on Reclaim?

I have one site up and running, hosted on Reclaim.

I want to code and publish a second site. I purchased the domain on Google Domains. How do I host the second site on Reclaim? Do I need to sign up for a second account? How should I organize the files for the new site so they are separate from the first site?

I changed the name servers for my Google domain to point to Reclaim. Will this make the second new URL domain point to my original site? (I don’t want that)

The new domain ends in .design, and Reclaim isn’t showing an option to “transfer” it.

Hi there,

Although .design is not a TLD we offer (and therefore one you can’t transfer to us), you can still use it with your existing account. Since you’ve already pointed the domain’s nameservers to us all you need to do now is add the domain as an addon domain to your cPanel. This will tell your cPanel you want to use the domain with your existing account (no need to sign up for a new one!), and it’ll create a separate directory from any existing website on your account where you can upload the files for your new site. Usually, this will be something like /home/username/addedsitedesign, while your current website exists in /home/username/public_html. I hope this answered some of your questions, but don’t hesitate to reach out to if you have any more!

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Thanks so much! I’ll do that, and reach out if I have any more questions.