Hugo deployment

How do I deploy Hugo? Its just a static site generator so I assumed I could just copy to /public and we’d be good to go, but when I use it’s pretty broken


It took some digging around, but it looks like I may have found the issue.

There were a lot of tags looking for javascript and css files, like this one:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/academic.css">

I checked in the debug console, your site was trying to find the css and js files at instead of

I removed the forward slash in all of these links to make them all look something like:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/academic.css">

And it start looking in the correct places, and the main page of your site seems to be loading a lot better. I did take a further look around, and a lot of pages are doing the same thing. You’ll have to edit these with the relative path to the css and js folders inside of ~/public_html/me, or just re-generate your site (I’ll admit I’m not too familiar with Hugo, so forgive me if I’m making it out to be easier than it is) with the proper path of instead of just

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very good eye! thank you for that! I didn’t even think about it :slight_smile:

and fyi its just as simple as changing the base URL and running ‘hugo’ :slight_smile: