Ideas for Online Rewatch Events

Not really a domains thing, but since Reclaim Hosting and folks here have experience running online conferences, worth an ask.

I’m hoping to set up a shared event to have people watch a recorded conference keynote at a later time, a rewatch event. I recall synctube and watch2gether. The set up for doing through discord looks possible but no mobile support and that’s a lot of steps.

Has anyone done anything like this via Streamyard?

I’m not 100% sure yet if it is going to be YouTube archived or some media server. Inventing as I go…

You definitely could do this with StreamYard if you can get the keynote as a video file. StreamYard lets you play back local video files and show them on a stream, so that should work.

Jitsi Meet does have the capability to watch YouTube videos in a call and the playback is synced with everyone in the call. It basically just loads the YouTube player on the page and syncs up the playback, so quality is good. This option is slick because you don’t need the actual file as long as it is available on YouTube, and depending on the size of your event, you won’t have to deal with the overhead of setting up and coordinating a livestream. You can use the Jitsi Meet installer on Reclaim Cloud to have your own instance or use the free public instance at

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