Installatron app for etherpad-like collaborative document editing

I’m wondering if there’s an app in the Installatron that allows for collaborative document editing. Something with the functionality of say Etherpad or Google docs. Got a group that wants to collaboratively draft a document(s) but really, really doesn’t want to have document stored on a cloud-based service they don’t control - hence Google Docs, Word 365, Dropbox Paper are all out.

+1 to trying to get Etherpad into Installatron. I’ve not looked closely at dependencies, but it would be awesome to have as an option on a domain site!

FWIW, you can use the hosted service at: It doesn’t meet the full spirit of your request, but if concerns about control can be addressed by relying on the folks at to have your back, then maybe it’s a good option?

Reviving this thread to note that Etherpad is available as a one-click install on Reclaim Cloud Etherpad now in Marketplace.

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