Installatron Backup Update Notices

Two of my wife’s WordPress sites and also another colleague who emailed me are getting Installation Error Updates for Backups. The messages are cryptic:

This is an automated email from Installatron. To unsubscribe from these emails or to change notification settings, login to your web hosting control panel, navigate to the Installatron tool, and select the installed applications you wish to modify.

The backup process for Mariana Funes located at … has failed and the details of the failure have been logged.

Technical error:
Error: Upload failed.

I checked two I have access to- one had no settings for updates the other was set for weekly/monthly. I just turned off notifications, but is there something going on?

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Hi Alan! I’ve been getting them too, but for one of my three sites. In the past that’s meant I was out of disk space, but that doesn’t seem to be the case now.

RH folks, I’m happy to provide any details that would facilitate troubleshooting.

We were previously running into issues with our application backup system, Installatron. This is now resolved and you should see backups going through successfully now.

While the backups through Installatron were offline, your applications were still being backed up, through our system-wide backup system, Jetbackup. You can restore the backups should you need to, by following this guide: Restoring a Full cPanel Account Using JetBackup and Restoring Specific Files Using JetBackup

Please let us know if you run into any other errors from here.

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Got it. Thanks, Meredith!