Installatron Release Schedule

I posted a question on the Omeka forum regarding when Installatron makes new releases available. They suggested that it’s something hosts control, so I’m wondering if you can share some information and/or a way to keep track so that I’ll have a heads up when my Installatron Omeka apps are likely to get auto-updated (or when updates might be pending). Is there an RSS feed or Github repo or something I can track? Thanks!

The Installatron Update feed (as you mentioned on the Omeka forum) would be what you are looking for. As Installatron updates their installers for applications, those updates trickle down to our servers.

Understanding a bit more about how the responsibility is distributed, I was hoping for something more specific to Reclaim and Omeka in particular. Sounds like my Zapier workaround is still probably the best choice for filtering out noise from other apps.

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