Installatron sync upgrade not recognised

I am updating an Omeka S install from version 2.1.2 to 3.1. I created a testsite for the upgrade so as not to affect the main install. The testsite upgrade went okay with all themes and modules updated and working with version 3.1. I then used the sync option in installatron to sync the test site to the main site. That looks to have run successfully too - the omeka sites on the main install have updated and the omeka admin site shows version 3.1 at the bottom. However on the Installatron screen it still shows the 2.1 version for the main site with the prompt to upgrade. It looks like a bug in installatron that it hasn’t picked up the upgrade because it was done through a sync process. Is this something anyone else has come across? Apologies for clunky explanation, any ideas on how to fix this gladly received :slight_smile:

Hi Liam,
Can you check now? Sometimes it may take a minute for Installatron to recognize the change has happened. If not, please let me know your domain and I can take a look for you!

Hi - it’s still appearing with the old version, the account domain is



I see what you mean here, the outdated metadata from the previous version is still there. Does seem like a bug, and this is something we can start to look into, thanks for giving us the heads up, and we’ll see if we can’t figure this out.


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