Installing a Python bot on Reclaim

I’m looking to set up a small Twitter bot but I’m running into a hiccup and am looking for pointers.

I’m assuming here, of course, the Reclaim is OK with a small bot running off the server. I’m basing it off of everylotbot (GitHub - fitnr/everylotbot: Create Twitter bots that post Google Streetview pictures of a property database) to tweet out Google Street Views of property parcels around my community.

The problem I’m running into here is that I don’t have a way to run the file that’s included with everylotbot, even though I’ve tried changing my PYTHONPATH variable so it’s not going to root. Will it be possible for me to run from my directory? Or, should I go an Amazon AWS route instead?


Are you using the “Setup Python App” option in cPanel? If not I’d recommend that rather than whatever python binary is available in shell natively. We have no problem with you running a bot, we just obviously can’t support scenarios like that so you’re kind of on your own to try and make it work in cPanel. A community member put together this helpful guide on running a Flask app on Reclaim that might be helpful to you Python at Namecheap Hosting - Google Docs