Installing adapt authoring tool on Domain of Ones Own hosting

I have a hosting on the hosting service with DOOO. I’ve seen that there is guidance for getting up and running with adapt on Reclaim cloud and would like to get this running on my space as well.

I’ve tried to get started working with the terminal in the cPanel but with no sudo commands etc I grind to a halt very quickly and can’t install mongodb. Is this something that’s not possible or could the marketplace install script also work with installatron?

Hi digibrose,
I don’t know the exact set-up for, but if you’re seeing cPanel when you log in I believe you will not be able to install the online version of the Adapt Authoring Tool at your online space. The applications that make the authoring tool run (like MongoDB) that are required are not able to be installed on shared hosting. It was for this reason the Reclaim Cloud service was very exciting for me to see this past summer. The MarketPlace in Reclaim Cloud performs the same one click install process you’d be used to with Installatron at Reclaim Hosting in cPanel.
I personally tried a few times to follow the Adapt Authoring Community guides to install Adapt manually and found it pretty troublesome, so the one click install was a total saviour.
If you’re set to try out Adapt, I definitely recommend checking out Reclaim Cloud, or checking the Adapt Authoring Community Course: Adapt Learning Community for instructions to install a desktop version. I personally avoided the desktop version because I’ve only got one machine at home and terminal is a bit intimidating for me personally.
Best of luck!

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