Installing as root in virtualenv

So, I’m trying to install BookwormDB on my shared server space via a virtualenv, but I’m consistently hitting this error: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/var/www/cgi-bin/’. Now, normally this can be overcome with “sudo pip install .” in a regular environment, but trying sudo just throws a “command not found” call. What would be the right way to install as root in a virrualenv? Googling had left me coming up empty.

Anything needing root or sudo privileges is not going to work in a shared hosting environment. However have you tried pip install without the sudo? You can typically install python modules that way in a virtualenv. Also check paths because /var/www/cgi-bin/ is not going to be a valid path to your webspace (the server takes the form /home/cpanelusername/appfolder).

I have. It’ll install as usual up until it hits the file. Do you think altering the installation location would correct the error?

I have no familiarity with that application unfortunately. It may just be that it’s not a good candidate for our shared hosting environment especially if the installation instructions are geared primarily to people running it on dedicated/virtual servers where you have root access.

In looking at the documentation, they might have built a workaround for this kind of issue (I can’t tell if it was ever implemented), so I’m going to check with the developers about my options. Thanks for your help!