Making a simple sftp / scp data drop

Greetings friends.

I want to set up a simple ‘data drop’ where some sensors I have in the real world — I use for class usually — can live. Most of the sensors live on *nix compatible devices (RaspberryPi, some Arduino Yun), so I figured I’d use scp or sftp worst case to get things from the device to the data drop. Eventually, I suppose I’d like to use an HTTP POST sort of thing so it will work with the newer Arduino WiFi, but baby steps…

As I am an ancient being, I figured,

  • create unprivileged user of some sort
  • give them a sandbox to upload that can be accessed from the outside world via some SSH related thing
  • copy keys for no login and all that
  • profit$

So I created a ‘server’ where that stuff could live. Now to create a user.

I’ve noticed a few things - there are multiple ways to create FTP ‘users’ in cpanel. I can create a ‘user’ and give them FTP (really sftp I assume?) access… or I can create an ‘ftp user’ and do something with that. But… hmph…

Alas- nothing I did user-wise seems to even allow me to manually sftp in to my machine (thanks for the new Ninja Captcha thing so I don’t have to keep sending help-desk tickets from trying 100x different ways of logging in) let alone ssh or other things using these newly created users. I can ssh in as ‘me’ but was thinking I’d rather not have my account-wide ssh keys out in a Pi that is buried underground in the woods measuring ground temperature.

Is there a ‘best practices’ for this sort of thing? I’ve searched the tutorials and documentation without much success… I’d file a help ticket but I’m on my way to a pleasant vacation, and there’s no hurry on this…

Hey Flip,

Unfortunately, there’s no option to create additional SSH(SFTP) users in cPanel. So you would have to use the default ssh account for ssh/sftp/scp.

We’ve been keeping an eye on the feature request at and our understanding is that it’s “coming soon” but no movement on it thus far unfortunately. It’s an unfortunate limitation of the cPanel software.

OK- glad I’m not crazy. Or not crazy about -this- anyway. For the time being, since I’m using Wolfram Language stuff, I’m just using Wolfram Data Drop, designed for this I guess.

I suppose getting something together that would listen for HTTP POST stuff would be complicated as well? This is a part of the woods I have not ventured into… but I am not afraid of the woods. Too much. Definitely big bears… and ticks. Screw those little guys.