Will there be a general statement from Reclaim about the status of patches for the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities? (Or could there be, or has there been and I missed it?)


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We’re evaluating releases now to make sure there are no issues. Many distros haven’t even patched it yet so we’re looking for some guidance from cPanel and other third party software we rely on to make sure patching via public methods is not going to introduce issues. As a small company we may not always make official statements on stuff like this but we are always aware of and working to secure our servers from vulnerabilities.


Figured it was worth updating here for folks that don’t follow us on Twitter. We received patches and tested them today and after finding no flaws we have updated our entire server fleet. The only outstanding infrastructure that is not yet patched are a few Ubuntu servers for various projects, Ubuntu has not yet released a production patch for this vulnerability but we’re keeping close watch to implement that. However all cPanel servers which is the vast majority of our infrastructure is patched.